Academic Writing Lab Symposium 2022

A two-day symposium hosted by Academic Writing Lab (AWL) and Dept. Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), IIIT- Delhi

Date: August 19-20, 2022

Last date for abstract submission: June 15, 2022

Title: Disruption and Its Discontents: Ethics, Politics, and Epistemology of Disruptive Technology

The internet, social media, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, have all been labeled as disruptive technologies. By using computer systems to perform tasks that usually require human understanding, these technologies disrupt our ways of being and functioning in the world, the ways we interact with it, and come to know it and form beliefs. As our life comes to be organized around technology, it is not surprising that whenever new technology enters our lives, it effects the social arrangements around which we build our lives. This necessitates a critical inquiry into digitalization and the kind of reorientation in the social world it brings with it. Technological development is a social process, which is not always autonomous, but rather dependentupon the interplay of socio-political forces and institutions in society. This CFP addresses some of the intellectual prerequisites for critical engagement with digital disruptions and the spaces of discontents within its ambit. It looks into themes such as social media platforms' response to its democratic discontents, the pedagogical implications of algorithmic knowledge and the virtual self, ethics of digital identities, as well as the impact of digitalization on academic professions, but is not limited to them. Click here for more details.

Academic Writing Lab Symposium 2021

The emergence of digital space as a new culture of knowledge generation and dissemination, prompts critical introspection on the new possibilities of knowledge production, dissemination and consumption. To address concerns emerging from how is knowledge is being transformed in relation to the possibilities that digital mediation opens up, as well as perhaps, those that it forecloses-AWL-SSH hosted a two-day symposium where eminent speakers and paper presenters from around the world. It explored themes ranging from digital knowledge space and participation, digital space and political innovation, the digital and dissent and more. The keynote address was delivered by Prof. Dipesh Chakrabarty on the theme "The Democratization of Public Life and the Declining Value of Evidence: The Case of History." Click here to view the recording of the event. To get more details on the event, please visit website