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Workshop on 'Publishing Processes' by Anandadeep Roy

Anandadeep Roy is an Associate Commissioning Editor with Cambridge University Press. He works on the law, economics, and business and management titles from the Delhi office. He commissions academic monographs and coursebooks and publishes relevant and essential research in South Asia's expansive and mutable educational landscape. He especially looks for books that can significantly impact current debates and discussions.

Date: 09th October, 2023
Time: 11:30 am
Venue: IIIT-Delhi campus

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Panel discussion on "Different Mirrors : Art and Aesthetics of Identity"

This panel discussion offers to explore the aesthetics of seemingly unsettling confrontations by poets and artists (past and present) between people who are victims of alienation for some or the other reason and those who represent the hegemonic, non-liberal thought and practices that cause alienation. The panel shall reflect upon on how some individuals have been able to shatter the enclosures of narrow spaces to create a space of identity that could change the landscape of existence unpredictably. It is interesting to see how these individuals could experience a deep feeling for the powerless which in turn have been appreciated by the alienated because they were not superficial. We find that there is a deeper engagement in their voice of being different that inspired many to forge ahead for their own identities. From a long list of such inspiring individuals, a few like Micheangelo’s painting that revolutionized art world and defied conventionalism, or the Vachana-poets rebel through poetry are cited here as exemplary because of their contribution to the cause of humanity.

Speakers: Dr. Meera Chakravorty (speaker), Dr. John Clammers (speaker), Dr. Shiv Viswanathan (discussant) and Dr. Payel C Mukherjee (Moderator)
Date: 06th October, 2023

Do we need Masters and Slaves

Seminar on “Do we need Masters and Slaves? Hegel and the Idea of Recognition” by Dr. R. Krishnaswamy

Political theories are caught between finding abiding principles of socio-political norms of cooperation which can be either just or fair for everyone involved versus ensuring that obedience to those principles or rules is not part of the reason why they ought to cooperate. If people are generally cooperative then they don’t need principles that, through different mechanisms, are meant to bind them to those sets of behaviour. And on the other hand, if we are, by nature, not socio-political animals, no amount of coercion, short of violent means of submission, can make us conform to principles of fair cooperation. This is a dilemma for many theorists. I argue in my book that this whole problem can be side-stepped if we start with the right notion of recognition. We can help build the right rules of cooperation which acknowledges both the open-endedness of collective life as well as create norms for which there are easy motivating reasons for people to obey. In this talk, I will first give an overview of some of the main arguments of the book. Then I will take up Hegel’s Idea of Recognition, which is central to my story. I will first present a minimal reading of the Master-Slave idea followed by Kojeve’s ‘existentialist’ reading of that idea. Then I will follow it up with Brandom’s ‘cognitive’ reading of the Master-Slave argument. I will then present my own take on Hegel’s idea of recognition. At the end, I will draw out some implications of my view for the larger political problem of norms, justice and cooperation.

Date: 22nd September, 2023 (Friday)
Time: 11:00 am
Venue: IIIT-Delhi campus

Normative Political Theory

Seminar on ‘The Challenges of Normative Political Theory in India’

The three-decade-long underdevelopment debate within Indian political theory (IPT) recognizes that a derivative discourse embedded in the dominant Western tradition compels us to either neglect or evade the conspicuous absence of non-Western perspectives in political theory. This talk will focus on different strands of this debate to expose the challenges and difficulties within IPT. Dr. Ali argues for a need to methodologically confront this challenge. As an initial possibility towards that direction, the possibility of a native (not nativist) Indian political theory is the focus of his talk. While drawing methodological stimuli from the underdevelopment debate and some parallel debates within contemporary Indian philosophy, Dr Ali argues for an epistemic openness vis-à-vis the West, while keeping the Indian context central to understand, analyse and even go beyond the dominant West, especially Habermas.

Speakers: Dr. Muzaffar Ali
Date: 25th Aug 2023

Summer Research Workshop, 2023

Date: 21st June 2023 (Wednesday), 28th June 2023 (Wednesday) and 5th July 2023 (Wednesday)

AWL is hosting a two-day summer Research Workshop on 21st June 2023 (Wednesday) and 28th June 2023 (Wednesday) from 12:00-13:30 (IST) at Academic Writing Lab, A007 (R&D building) IIIT-Delhi campus.

Day 1:
Topic: Approaches to Research Writing

Day 2:
Topic: Drafting your research paper

Day 3:
Presenting your research

Panel discussions on “Beyond Borders and Pathways of Difficult Narrations.”

Date: 19th May 2023.

Panel A: Narratives of conflict and discontent: Memories, experiences and the interplay of language.
Panelists : Urvashi Bhutalia and Dr. Arvinder A. Ansari
Moderator : Dr Payel C Mukherjee

Panel B: Narratives of violence: Representations and Reconstructions.
Panelists : Dr. Meera Chakravorty, Dr. Debdatta Chowdhury, Vijay Kachru, and Abhishek Goyal
Moderator : Ms. Rushali Saha

Book Discussion on "Ambedkar: The Formative Years"

Date: 20th April
Speaker: Prof. Aakash Singh Rathore

Research Lecture Series VI on "Research Ethics and Common Mistakes in Research Writing"

Speakers: Dr. Payel C Mukherjee, Dr. Sumitava Mukherjee
Date: 2nd-3rd May 2023

Research Lecture Series V

Speakers: Prof. David Parkinson, Prof. Ipshita Chanda, Dr Sharmita Lahiri
Date: 21st-23rd March

Public Keynote Lecture On: 'How to stay smart in a smart world'

This public keynote is collaboratively hosted and jointly organised by the Decision Lab, Dept of HSS, IIT Delhi and AWL Humanities initiative, IIIT-Delhi. Professor Gigerenzer is a world renowned behavioral scientist and decision researcher. His award-winning popular books Calculated Risks, Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious, and Risk Savvy: How to Make Good Decisions have been translated into 21 languages. His academic books include Simple Heuristics That Make Us Smart, Rationality for Mortals, Simply Rational, and Bounded Rationality (with Reinhard Selten, a Nobel Laureate in economics). You can read more about the speaker here:

Date: 10 February, 2023
Time: 18:30 hrs IST
Venue: Online
To attend, register here:

Book Discussion on 'Aesthetic Perceptions of Urban Environments'

AWL-Humanities Initiative hosted a book discussion on 'Aesthetic Perceptions of Urban Environments' on October 13, 2022 at 10:30 am with Prof. Arundhati Virmani, Prof. Jean Boutier, Dr. Smriti Singh, Sarah Khan were speakers at IIIT-Delhi campus.

Summer Research Workshop IV

AWL is hosting the fourth edition of its research writing lecture series on September 26, 2022 where Dr. Payel C Mukherjee spoke about Scientific Misconduct and Ethic in Research and Publication.

Summer Research Workshop III

AWL hosted a two day research workshop for students enrolled in Ph.D. courses in the Department of Electronics and Communication at IIIT-Delhi on August 8, 2022.

Summer Research Workshop II

AWL hosted a research workshop for students enrolled in PhD courses in the Department of Electronics & Communications at IIIT-Delhi on June 2, 2022.

Summer Research Workshop I

AWL hosted a two day research workshop for students enrolled in PhD courses in the Department of Social Science and Humanities in IIIT-Delhi on May 17, 2022 and May 19, 2022.

Research Writing Lecture Series III

AWL hosted the third edition of its research writing lecture series on May 23, 2022 where Dr Payel C Mukherjee spoke about writing techniques in research and how to write a research pitch. The recording of the event can be accessed here.

Disruption and Its Discontents: Ethics, Politics, and Epistemology of Disruptive Technology

A two-day symposium hosted by Academic Writing Lab (AWL) and Dept. Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), IIIT- Delhi
Date: August 19-20, 2022

Book Discussion on The Machine is Learning

Speaker - Tanuj Solanki
Date - March 21, 2022

Facial Recognition and Police Bias

Speaker - Dr. Shivangi Narayan
Date - March 09, 2022

The concept of agency in the era of artificial intelligence

Speakers - Dr Rahul De, Sai Dattatharani
Date - February 16, 2022

Two days lecture series on Research Writing

AWL hosted a two-day research writing series on January 27-28 2022, which provided a holistic introduction to research writing, its categories, approaches and specificies. To view the recording of the two day event, click here for Day 1 Recoring , Day 2 Recording and to view the presentations and other related materials, click here for Dr. Parkinson Presentation and Dr. Ipshita Presentation

  1. 13th Jan: Training session on Effective Meeting Minutes (Organized by the Human Resource team)

  2. March 2021: AWL Research Lecture Series I

  3. 15th May and 22nd May: Two Sessions on PG Diploma in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence program, 15th and 22nd May 2021

  4. 15th March and 13th April: In-house session with SSH PHD students

  5. 5th June 2021: Session on Narrating Yourself: Personality Development and You, 5 June 2021

  6. 28-29 May: World Class Day 4 - Hosting, planning, and organising International Research Event

  7. 27th and 28th August: 1st AWL-SSH Annual Symposium on the theme of "Crisis of Truth? Digital Era and the Future of Knowledge”

  1. 22nd January: Panel Discussion on 'The idea of publications and academic spaces in India’ - inaugural discussion towards setting up a cross-disciplinary academic publication

  2. 22nd January: Session on Ethics in Research and Publications (in collaboration with Central Library), IIIT-Delhi on 22nd January 2020

  3. 30th September: Webinar on "Research and Publication Ethics (RPE)" (in collaboration with Central Library)

  4. 22nd June: Critical thinking, problem solving, and the classroom (A webinar for the school teachers in collaboration with Academic Office)

  5. Talk on Research and Publication Ehics at the IEEE-IIITD Student Branch, Project Research & Innovation Showcase (P.R.A.I.S.E) under the umbrella of the Elysium TechWeek.

  6. 23rd November: Training on "Communication Skills in the Workplace: Learning the art of conversations” (for staff, organised by the HR Team)

  1. 27th September: Public Speaking Skills by Dr. Payel C Mukherjee

  2. 30th October: Effective Skills for Engineers and Scientists by Dr. Payel C. Mukherjee (in collaboration with Central Library IIIT Delhi)

  3. 13th November: Communicating your science for public outreach by Dr. Payel C Mukherjee

  4. 28th-31st December: 3-Day module on Advanced Writing by Dr. Payel C Mukherjee